Week Against Child Poverty

Together, let's rescue children from poverty here

Thomas is one of the 43,000 children in Belgium living in extreme poverty. An empty plate is a daily reality for him, symbolizing much more than just hunger. That's why we, the Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation, organize the Week Against Child Poverty. Through our unique and sustainable approach, we offer him every opportunity for a better future. Together with us, break the cycle of poverty and support Thomas and other children in poverty through the Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation. Can Thomas count on your support?

De Warmste Week

Growing up without worries

🔥 Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up without worries. But everyone deserves a warm childhood and all the opportunities to develop and play, have fun, go through puberty, and laugh without worries. And we are joining in to support this! Organize a boloverkoop as a fundraiser for De Warmste Week and support the 287 projects of the DWW fund.

Roll on with that bolo, with a 💛 for children!