About us

No, with Bertha, it's not about artisanal pancakes, crispy cookies, or French wines to boost your club/school's funds. 

Thanks to the rollets with delicious Bolognese sauce, you're not only bringing a tasty meal to your supporters' tables but also raising awareness for sustainability and a sense of belonging to your school/club's activities!

The team behind boloverkoop.be also has school-going children who are part of various youth organizations and sports clubs. Boloverkoop.be truly understands the needs of schools and associations from the inside and out.

Extra financial resources are often crucial for acquiring new equipment and organizing outings for our children. The purchase prices, recommended selling price, and profit per rollet are all perfectly aligned with this goal!

"With this new concept, we guarantee a substantial profit for schools and clubs to achieve their goals!

They rolled on with our bolo!

Our sales were 25% higher compared to other sales! A real success!

The Bolognese sauce is not only a profitable product, but it's also super delicious! Our taste-testing panel of hungry kids gave it a score of "100/10" :D!

And even avid meat lovers enjoyed the vegan version, with delightful pure flavors.

Last year, we sold bolo rollets with our association for the first time. This year, we will definitely do it again!

Wereceived a lot of positive feedback from parents because the product we sold this year was healthier than usual. And thanks to the packages we put together as add-ons, a complete meal was ready on the table right away.

The secret to our delicious
Bolognese sauce?

Bertha put her mark on all her dishes, including this Bolognese sauce, which she actually made in a West Flemish style. So, with 'plenty of fresh veggies,' they stand out. Even the minced meat is as West Flemish as can be: from farm to table.

And that's how she ensures the delicious authentic taste of all the sauces from Frans & Bertha!

" We produce around 25,000 servings of Bolognese sauce per week!