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Is it as easy as a (pan)cake sale?

YES :D! In fact, a bolo sale is completely comparable to your traditional sales campaign with pancakes, cookies, wine, candles, beer, Christmas trees, chocolate, Easter eggs, cheese platters,... Especially with the sale of food products.

Pancakes also need to be kept chilled for as long as possible to ensure their freshness. However, they can do without refrigeration for a while at the time of distribution. This is also the case with our rolls. Keep them chilled as much as possible, but you certainly don't need a refrigerated space or anything like that.

Big advantage: the bolognese sauce full of veggies is much healthier than (pan)cakes and everyone eats it often.

Shelf Life & Freshness

The freshness, quality guarantee, and shelf life of the rollets can only be ensured if they are stored refrigerated (0-4°C).

The rollets can be stored in the fridge for a minimum of 5 weeks. They can be stored even longer in the freezer.

After opening, they remain refrigerated for an additional 3 days.

The shelf life is indicated on the label of each individual rollet.

Portion Packaging

1 rollet contains an average portion of bolognese sauce for 1 person, with an approximate weight of about 300 grams.

How to open these rollets for preparation?

Easy squeezy!

1. Hold the roll over a cooking pot (not in the microwave!).
2. Carefully open it on one side with a sharp knife (or scissors).
3. Squeeze the contents into the cooking pot.
4. Gently heat the bolognese sauce on low heat while stirring until it's thoroughly warmed.
5. Cook pasta separately and add it to the sauce.
6. Enjoy!

Thanks to these delicious rollets, you can have a ready-made meal on the table in less than 5 minutes! Enjoy more quality time with your family, friends, or even by yourself.

1 rollet contains the average portion for 1 person (approximately 300g).


Also vegan!

Yes, you read it right! Those who choose meat should get an honest and high-quality piece of meat on their plate. But at Frans & Bertha, vegan and vegetarian dishes are made as delicious and appealing as possible. So delicious, in fact, that even meat lovers sometimes opt for such an alternative without compromising on taste, texture, or quality. And that goal is proudly achieved!

For example, the vegan bolognese sauce was perfected to the point where there was no noticeable taste difference in blind taste tests compared to the widely known meat version.

Give it a try for yourself! 😉

Ingredients & allergens

All information and the ingredient list are also listed on the label of each rollet. 


Consult and download our product sheets here


Bertha's Bolognese Sauce (Classic):
    is gluten-free and lactose-free!
    contains: egg

Bertha's Vegan Bolognese Sauce:
Is also halal!
    contains: soy, barley

Can I taste Bertha's delicious bolognese sauce beforehand?

Absolutely! Request your free samples now! Test, taste, enjoy, share, and let us know what you think.

Please note! We offer only 1 bolognese roll and 1 vegan bolognese roll for free per school per school year!

Nutri-Score B

Thanks to Nutri-Score B, our bolognese sauce (Classic & Vegan) fits perfectly into a healthy dietary pattern for balanced and varied eating with the whole family, following the principles of the food pyramid.

Your own label on the rollets: it's possible!

How cool is that?! We're happy to design and print a custom label for you with all the legal information and ingredients in your house style!

For this service, we do charge an additional fee of €0.30 per rollet!

Interested? Be sure to contact us:!

How to order

Free samples: practical information

Our samples are always offered for free. Each school/association is entitled to 1 sample pack consisting of 1 roll with classic bolognese sauce and 1 roll with vegan bolognese sauce.

Orders can only be placed through our form. Please always provide all correct information!

Pick-up is available at Frans & Bertha in Veurne (Vaartstraat 51) on weekdays during office hours.

For chilled delivery via parcel post, a Track & Trace code will be provided for tracking the delivery via DPD Fresh. We always try to deliver the samples as close as possible to your preferred date, but we can never guarantee this as the delivery is handled by a specialized courier service. We care about the environment and try to consolidate the shipment of our samples as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Were you not at home at the time of delivery? The courier will keep your package chilled and will come back the next day, completely free of charge.

After pick-up/delivery, we kindly ask you to return the samples to the refrigerator as soon as possible to continue guaranteeing our expiration date!

How does an order work?

1. Organize a Sales Campaign

Congratulations! You are about to raise a hopefully significant amount to support the operations of your school or association thanks to our favorable pricing tailored to schools and associations. Consult our price list for all information.

You choose how long your campaign lasts and whether you offer additional products alongside our rollets.

We give your campaign that extra push with our handy pre-made flyers, letters, social media images,... You can download everything here for free!

Also, take a look at all the other information to learn more about our operations, our products, and useful tips & facts.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

2. Book your Pick-up/Delivery

When planning your sales campaign, clearly determine in advance:

1. The start date of your sales
2. The end date of your sales (= until when your supporters can place orders)
3. The desired pick-up or delivery date (consider our production time!)
4. The pick-up date for your supporters

To ensure your desired date and to organize our production as best as possible, we ask you to reserve your desired pick-up/delivery date in advance. This can be done via the form at the bottom of this page.

3. Place your Order

Has your sales period ended? Then easily place your order HERE on our website. Payment is always made by bank transfer in advance after ordering. We will send you a VAT-compliant invoice with all the information.

Always indicate your preference: pick-up on Thursday OR delivery on Friday or Monday.

We offer free delivery for orders of 1,500 rolls or more. For orders <1,500, the cost of chilled delivery is €100.

Still undecided? An additional order of up to 10% of the ordered quantity can be placed until the Monday before the pick-up/delivery date. Inform us via!





4. Pick-up & Distribution

On the agreed date, your order can be picked up at Frans & Bertha in Veurne or delivered chilled to your location.



Do you need to order a minimum quantity?

No, there is no minimum quantity required for your order. You can order as many rollets as you like. However, keep in mind that the more rollets you sell, the lower your purchase price, and the more profit your school/organization/charity will make.

If you expect to order more than 2,000 rollets, it's a good idea to inform us in advance at so that we can plan our production accordingly and ensure the delivery of your full order on the chosen pickup date.

Can we still change our order?

Every order can be modified up to 4 days before the chosen pickup date. We request that last-minute adjustments do not exceed 10% of the original order quantity. If this quantity is exceeded, we may not be able to guarantee the timely delivery of the additional items.

Please inform us via so that we can adjust the initial order accordingly.

Here's a summary of all the practical information about placing an order!

  • Always place the order at least 7 days before the desired pick-up/delivery date! This allows us to prepare your order super fresh.
  • Did you receive a unique bolofriend code from another school/association? Always mention this when placing your first order! This way, you'll give them a completely free 10% commission on your order! Win-win, right? (Psst: if you don't have a code, ask for one from a school/association you know that has also organized a boloverkoop!)
  • Orders can be adjusted due to late decisions until the Monday before the pick-up date at 2 pm.
  • We confirm your final order and send the invoice. This must be paid before delivery or pick-up!
  • The freshness, quality guarantee, and shelf life of the rolls can only be guaranteed if they are stored chilled (0-4°C). That's why we ask you to always provide chilled transport for picking up your order. We also always provide (free) chilled transport.
  • Pick-up is always from Thursday afternoon (1 pm-5 pm).
  • For delivery, we would like to receive the name and mobile number of the person who will be present. We deliver by trailer, so make sure there is enough space and inform your neighbors or the city if necessary.
  • For delivery or pick-up, you can choose from:
    A. Free pick-up with your own chilled transport, always on Thursday or Friday*!
    B. Free pick-up with a rented refrigerated van through a partner of, always on Thursday or Friday*! We will refer you, and you will follow up with our partner.
    C. Free delivery (orders of 1,500 pieces or more), always on Friday or Monday
    D. Paid delivery €100 including VAT (orders less than 1,500 pieces), always on Friday or Monday. We always try to find a solution to help avoid this cost to keep your profit as high as possible.

* Let us know (when reserving the date) if this is not possible. We will keep your order chilled, but we can only do this to a limited extent free of charge. The shelf life of the rolls starts on the scheduled date.

Pickup / Delivery date

It's always a good idea to reserve your pickup/delivery date in advance (before placing the actual order and as soon as you start preparing your campaign). This way, we can align our production accordingly, and you can secure the desired quantities.

When placing your order, always keep the following in mind:



We organize it this way to ensure that our products are fresh and of the highest quality.

If you can't pick up the order on the chosen pickup date, don't worry! Your order will be stored under the best conditions. However, please keep us informed of any changes! The shelf life of our products always starts on the pickup date chosen when placing the order. For later pickups, we may not be able to guarantee the originally intended shelf life. So, it's advisable to plan everything well in advance.

Transport: keep it cool!

The freshness, quality guarantee, and shelf life of the rolls can only be guaranteed if they are stored chilled (0-4°C). Therefore, we kindly ask you to arrange chilled transport for the pick-up of your order.

If you are unable to arrange chilled transport yourself, we work closely with a partner nearby who offers refrigerated trailers for rent at a competitive rate. Contact us for more information.


Please always ensure that the trailer can park easily and unload near your delivery address!

Packaging for transport

Your order will be prepared by our team and stored in our refrigerators in convenient cardboard boxes filled with your delicious rollets. Please consider a large volume for organizing your transportation when placing large orders. The trunk of a regular car is too small. We recommend using a refrigerated trailer or van.

The boxes are easily stackable, but always check the stability in your means of transportation and stabilize the boxes if necessary for safe transport. and Frans & Bertha are in no way responsible and cannot be held liable for events or damage that occur during transportation. Once the rollets leave the Frans & Bertha location, the full responsibility for further processing lies with the buyer.

Please recycle your cardbord boxes afterwards or use them smart to organise your distribution to your supporters.

Only schools and organisations can order at! currently focuses exclusively on schools and organizations as part of their fundraising efforts to support their activities or (local) charity. We offer favorable rates that are tailored to these groups.

Individual customers cannot place orders directly with boloverkoop. We recommend that they purchase rollets as supporters of their local school or organization that is organizing a boloverkoop. If you don't know anyone organizing such an event, you can find all ongoing campaigns on our social media.

For those who just can't get enough: the rollets are also available in your local supermarket in portions of 275g and 700g! All information: 

Go for more sales with your supporters: our tips!

Through, we only offer rollets with bolognese sauce. We do this deliberately because we focus on our quality product and stand behind it 100%. However, we advise schools and associations to maximize their fundraising efforts!

Discover all the tips in BOOST YOUR SALES CAMPAIGN!

Payment conditions

Until when will the current prices remain valid?

The current prices are valid for all deliveries until June 30, 2024 (for the school year 2023-2024).

However, in case of exceptional market situations leading to extraordinary price increases of our raw materials, Frans & Bertha reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly. However, we strive to avoid price increases wherever possible. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that we will not be forced to make adjustments in such circumstances.

Can I receive an invoice for my order?

Once your order is confirmed (no later than the Monday before pick-up/delivery), you will always receive the invoice via email. Please make payment immediately upon receipt. No rolls will be handed out or dispatched without receipt of the payment.


About us

Sustainable Production & Packaging

At Frans & Bertha in Veurne (Belgium), we prioritize authentic flavor, quality, and sustainability in the production of our Bolognese sauce.

We are proud to produce 100% CO2 neutral, and our company has been recognized with the CO2 Neutral label. This means that we actively calculate, reduce, and offset our local and global climate impact.

Sustainability is a core principle in the Frans & Bertha story. Inspired by examples from the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries, we introduced the sausage casing packaging, which ensures a longer shelf life compared to standard packaging — minimum 5 weeks in the refrigerator or easy freezing.

Furthermore, our Bolognese sauce incorporates as many locally sourced vegetables and meats as possible, supporting nearby farms and agricultural businesses.

In addition to these efforts, our unique packaging reduces plastic consumption by an impressive 82% compared to traditional packaging methods.

We want to organize a spaghetti feast with your Bolognese sauce

Certainly! Frans & Bertha caters to B2B customers such as wholesalers, amusement parks, and more for the sale of its sauces. These sauces come conveniently packaged in 2.5kg packs, making it ideal for events where you can save time on vegetable chopping and focus on creating a cozy atmosphere and increasing sales.

Interested? Send an email to, and we will provide you with a list of our B2B partners in your area.

Who is Frans & Bertha?

Discover everything about the story and the delicious sauces at is an innovative concept created by Bram Delva and Pepijn Vandebotermet, the COO and CEO of Frans & Bertha in Veurne (Belgium - near the French border), respectively. The company produces dishes based on traditional recipes using fresh ingredients. They offer flavorful preparations for professionals, including classics like bolognese sauce, meatballs in tomato sauce, vol-au-vent, and Flemish stew. Additionally, they provide custom preparations with the guidance of a top chef. The sauces are conveniently packaged to meet the needs of B2B customers, which, especially in uncertain times, results in a tasty, easy, quick, and cost-effective end product.

The Bolo Club: What is it?

To thank our customers, we established the Bolo Club. By organizing a boloverkoop and placing an order, you automatically become a member. Because who are our very best and most honest ambassadors? Yes, you, our customers who have literally tasted and experienced the benefits.

Discover everything about our BRING A NEW BOLOFRIEND action!

How do I receive my unique Bolofriend code?


  1. Organize a boloverkoop with your school/association.
  2. Receive your unique Bolofriend code after placing your order.
  3. Pass on this unique code to other schools/associations (yes, to as many as you want!).
  4. A new school/association organizes a boloverkoop thanks to your link and uses your unique Bolofriend code when placing their order.

... and you or the new school/association do not have to give up any of your profits for this!

... and this is for each new school/association that places an order mentioning your code!

Let a bolo sale support your school/association multiple times!

Find all the information about the 'Bring a new bolofriend' action here!

What are the conditions for the 'Bring a new Bolofriend' action?

Every action comes with conditions so that the rules are clear for everyone, ensuring correct application. Because honesty is the best policy!

The main conditions are:

  • Only schools/associations that have already organized a boloverkoop and placed an order are eligible to become members of the Bolo Club. Only they receive a unique Bolofriend code.

  • A Bolofriend can only receive 10% commission by referring a new school/association. This new school/association activates the commission by mentioning the unique Bolofriend code when placing their order.

  • Commission is only paid out by to a school, association, youth movement, (sports) club,... with a unique Bolofriend code. Under no circumstances can it be awarded to an individual.

  • Only one unique Bolofriend code can be mentioned in an order placed by a new school/association. Therefore, the commission is only granted by to the school/association whose unique Bolofriend code was used when placing the order.

  • As Bolofriends, you can share your unique Bolofriend code as much as you want. You are our ambassadors! Therefore, you can earn additional profits through a network of newly referred schools/associations using your unique Bolofriend code in their first order. The more the unique Bolofriend code is used, the more revenue.

  • A school/association can only be "new" once. Therefore, only when placing a first order can a unique Bolofriend code be used to receive a commission. No commission can be granted when placing a 2nd, 3rd, or subsequent orders.

Refer to all conditions HERE!

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