Cookie policy

1 Why this cookie policy?

Our website, available at (hereinafter: the "Website"), may use certain cookies. We, Frans & Bertha BV, with enterprise number 0731.601.516 and registered office at Vaartstraat 51, 8630 Veurne (hereinafter also: "Frans & Bertha," "we," "us," or "our"), are responsible for the use of these cookies and the processing of your data via or in connection with cookies on our Website. You can contact us via email at

1.1 This cookie policy informs you about the use and purpose of cookies on our Website. This policy is provided to you electronically and can be consulted at any time under the "Cookie Policy" section on our Website. We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. Changes will be announced on the Website. The Dutch text of this cookie policy always takes precedence over translations.

1.2 This cookie policy does not apply to third-party websites for which or to which the Website may contain hyperlinks or references. You are advised to consult the privacy and cookie policy of such other websites. We are not responsible for the policies and conditions of these third-party websites.

1.3 Belgian law applies to this cookie policy. Only the courts of Ghent, department(s) Veurne, have jurisdiction in case of a dispute.

2 What are cookies and what are they used for?

2.1 Cookies are small data files that are stored by the browser on the hard drive of your computer or device when you visit and/or consult a website or use a (mobile) application, allowing certain user information to be stored. Cookie files contain unique codes that, for example, allow your browser to recognize you during your visit to the Website, thereby improving your user experience. Cookies facilitate interaction between the visitor and a website and are used to improve the user experience and collect statistics among the visitors of a website. Cookies also ensure that your personal settings and preferences are stored, or that audio and video material can be played. Certain cookies can be placed by a third party to measure the use of a website (see point 5 below).

2.2 Cookies can, among other things, help us improve your experience with our Website and ensure that it performs optimally as you expect. For example, they can enhance your experience using a website by tracking your use of our Website so that it can be improved to meet your needs. We can also ensure that online advertisements you see are more relevant to you and your interests.

3 Enable and Disable Cookies – Manage

3.1 Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can change your preferences at any time through your browser by following the instructions on the links below, depending on your browser:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge.

The use of cookies can be disabled. Through your browser, you can automatically or manually delete cookies and indicate whether certain cookies may be placed or not. You can also set your browser to notify you when a cookie is placed. However, if you disable cookies, it may affect the correct functioning of the Website, or certain (graphic) elements or applications on the Website may function less well or not at all.

4 Consent

Your consent is required for the placement and consultation of cookies via the Website on your end device, unless it concerns the technical storage of information or the provision of a service expressly requested by you when the placement of a cookie is strictly necessary for that purpose.

For functional or essential cookies, your consent is not required.

Your consent is required for non-functional or non-essential cookies. Your consent must:

  • Be obtained before the cookies are placed. When your consent is not given, no cookies may be placed.
  • Be informed, which is why we inform you about the different cookies through this policy.
  • Be explicit and active. Your consent is obtained by ticking the boxes in the cookie banner on our Website.
  • Be specific and therefore obtained per cookie or per category of cookie.

4.1 Functional or essential cookies are necessary for the optimal functioning of our Website, to display certain graphic elements, etc. These cookies are technically necessary for the proper operation and security of the Website. These cookies are placed without your consent as they fall within the legitimate interests of Frans & Bertha, insofar as these interests outweigh your (privacy) rights and interests.

a. Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to compile statistics on the number of visitors to the Website, the most popular web pages, etc. (e.g., Google Analytics - see below). These cookies show how the Website is used. Frans & Bertha can, for example, determine how many times a particular page is read, how much time someone spends on our Website, etc. Statistical analyses are made of the information received in this way. Thanks to these statistical results, we can improve the structure, navigation, and content of our Website and related services. We also use this data to report in a general way about our services or in the context of research in which we participate. No personal data is disclosed in this process. The consent of each visitor is required for the placement of these cookies.

b. Marketing cookies: These cookies personalize the online advertising offer.

c. Social media cookies: These cookies provide the ability to include buttons from social networking sites. The buttons work via a code from these sites. A convenient tool to promote web pages such as 'liking' and 'pinning'.

4.2 If you have given consent through our Website to use non-functional cookies, you can change this setting at any time and withdraw your consent. The already installed cookies will then be deleted. You can do this via:

You can withdraw your consent for our cookies at any time, even if you have given consent before. However, please note that if you do not agree to some of our cookies, the user experience may be affected.

5 Cookies by Third Parties

5.1 Our Website uses both first-party cookies, directly placed by our Website, and third-party cookies, which are placed by domains different from our Website's domain and are associated with the services used on the Website. This distinction is indicated in the table under section 6.2 below.

5.2 First-party cookies do not involve the transfer of personal data to third parties but may utilize a third-party processor, for instance, for compiling statistics. Your consent is also required for placing first-party analytical cookies, for example.

5.3 Third-party cookies may involve the transmission of personal data to third parties, either directly (e.g., through an active component linked to a banner or a tracking pixel) or indirectly, by placing cookies accessible to websites other than the advertiser's site. For instance, we use Google Analytics to collect information on how you use our Website. We use this information to compile reports and help improve the Website.

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • The pages you visit.
  • The time you spend on each page.
  • How you arrived on the site.
  • What you click on while visiting the site.

These securely stored cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. All information collected by these cookies is completely anonymous. We use such information solely to enhance our Website. If you do not want Google Analytics to track all websites, you can go to

6 Cookies on Our Website

6.1 The table in section 6.2 below provides an overview of the cookies we use on our Website, why we use them, and their sources. We also specify whether a cookie is a 'persistent' or 'session' cookie. The difference is that:

  • Persistent cookies remain on your device between browser sessions. They are activated each time you visit the Website that created that specific cookie. For example, if a 'persistent cookie' is used on a website to remember your language preference, you won't need to choose that language every time you visit the site.
  • Session cookies allow us to link a user's actions during a browser session. A browser session begins when you open the browser window and ends when you close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily. After you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted.

6.2 The following cookies may be used on our Website:

Functionele cookies


Statistische cookies

Marketing cookies

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us: